About Us

9 Organics Story

With fifteen years of product management and engineering experience between them, co-founders Bassel and Amar know exactly what it takes to make great ideas happen. The seed for the 9 Organics was planted when Bassel’s baby girl, Sophia, was born.
Located in the Bay Area, we got our start producing high quality meal kits, creating a direct to customer program, but eventually we made our way into making kits specifically for grocery stores.  As our business evolved new product lines came about.  In particular we developed a set of products focused for convenience on the go; snack packs and vegetable side kits. These continued to leverage our expertise in creative food parings in appealing packaging presentation. Our company takes pride in the quality, service and specialty of the products we produce and have quickly developed a reputation for creating great customer products and experiences for out vendors.

Our Philosophy

While initially launching the business, we spent as much time discussing what core principles would guide us as the actual product itself. With a strong sense of purpose, anything becomes possible. Those motivations; customer experience, innovation, and quality, still unite us today.

Customer Experience

We are obsessed with the customer experience. To us, their journey does not end at the point of sale. How the customer interacts with the product before and after or how it makes them feel, is just as important as the initial decision to purchase. We pride ourselves on focusing on the little things which others may not think matter.


Helping us provide the best customer experience, is our focus on being innovative with all facets of the product. From creating new packaging styles to experimenting with food combinations, turning these into real products has been one of our signatures.


In a crowded retail environment, we constantly ask ourselves, why someone would choose our product over another. In many instances it comes down to subtleties. It’s important to us the overall look and feel of our products stand out and we realize our products are an extension of your brand.

What’s the 9?

If you have ever wondered what those numbers mean on the stickers placed on produce, you are not alone. Each type of produce has a unique code for identification. Any sticker code which starts with the number 9 signifies the produce is organic. What the 9 represents speaks to what 9 Organics is and the quality experience customers can expect.

Who We Are & What We Do

Bassel Abuzayyad


Prior to co-founding 9Organics, Bassel spent seven years at eBay overseeing various product domains (selling, buying, purchasing formats, search, shipping, post transaction/trust). He is responsible for the product and strategic direction at 9 Organics, as well as operational elements.
Bassel loves all things history, natural science and sports memorabilia, with a particular passion for archaeology, US Civil War and sports.

Amar Shah

Co-Founder and CTO

Amar spent eight years in the software engineering team at eBay and was instrumental in developing its checkout, payments and mobile platforms. At 9 Organics he is responsible for the technical direction, as well as the day-to-day engineering operations.
Amar is an avid book collector and an informal expert on squirrels.

Margaret Hemley

Head Chef & Recipe Architect

Margaret was a former student turned instructor at San Francisco’s revered Tante Marie cooking school. Having held chef positions in restaurants throughout the Bay Area and Napa Valley, Margaret currently manages 9 Organics’ recipe selection and creation. Margaret brings a cooking philosophy which emphasizes using organic ingredients, bold flavors, and simple-to-make recipes with a fun twist. She believes that cooking does not need to be intimidating and that focusing on simple recipes with little mess is great for those with a busy life.