Elevating Everyday Meals and Snacks

9Organics creates a variety of specialty high quality fresh products. From our vegetable kits, snack kits and boxed cut produce, we have established a reputation for creative and healthy food products.

From global flavors to familiar favorites, check out our healthy and innovative product family.

Snack Kits
A new product line to our portfolio, these white label kits were designed to meet the needs of retailers who want to offer healthy grab and go snacks but may be limited by shelf space. From our compact packaging to a well-rounded snacking selection, your customers will enjoy the variety and convenience these kits provide. We offer 10 different kits.
Vegetable Kits
Paring organic cut vegetables and our handmade sauces and season mixes, these kits provide all the ingredients for cooking a recipe. Ideal for paring with other products in the grocery store such as meat, noodles, rice, and others, offers a great upsell opportunity. Seven different kits are available and each come with step by step cooking instructions, all under 10 minute cook time.
Cut Produce
As convenience influences more of a purchasing decision, we have developed a white label line of pre-cut fruits and vegetables designed for retail channels. We offer 30 different cut products, using organic ingredients, in various sizes. This is one of the fastest growing segments in both grocery and other food retail channels. With an attention to quality and shelf life, we hand cut our produce.

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